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    If anyone has any opinions or remarks about the rules of the game or the rulebook, this would be the time and place to make them.

    We have already received edits and suggestions over the last several months and we thank everyone for their efforts to improve the rulebook. We have most of the submitted suggestions but If you already sent us suggestion feel free to send them again.

    Nothing is guaranteed so don’t get too attached to ideas, but we will try and review everything submitted. Thanks again for everyone’s help, and expect this to stay open for a couple weeks until we announce the date of the rules update.


    I’m not an old hand, but I still want to put my two cents in. I think that a successful unblocked hit should at least count for one plain damage. Now that armor counts as toughness, new players have no way of affecting anyone who has spent any amount of time investing in armor. A detachment of archers or horde of goblins, however weak, should be able to at least give someone pause. Zombies aren’t scary because of their brutish strength, but because of their inevitable victory due to numbers.
    Another possible suggestion is to have a maximum amount of immunities. Having someone with toughness out of range of most characters and immunity to over three ailments, shouldn’t be possible if you want people to be able to have free range with character building.
    Last bit for now. Magic boon should scale with level of grey magic. If group tactics can scale, sleepless can scale, endurance, embrace the curse, and combat’s expertise and so on can, the magic equivalent should too.

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    Balancing between combat and magic needs to be addressed. Magic should need to be used in certain moments and really thought upon before using it as it could leave you without a means to defend yourself, conversely should someone have any kind of martial skill they’ll always have a way to to fend for themselves, even thought the output might not be as high as a caster.

    In essence, casters should be able to have bursts of damage, but afterwards need someone who can deal with a drag out fight.


    I almost forgot. Toughness being provided by armor in the quantity that it is makes purchasing/pursuing it in racial advantages a waste of time.

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    This is mostly just to reiterate what has been discussed elsewhere. I feel like Created are kind of bland with few strengths or weaknesses to note. The servitude advantage addresses this but doesn’t go as far as it could. Most of the related advantages benefit the master and not so much the Created, which makes taking those advantages unappetizing to most players. Advantages that boost a Created’s abilities so that they can defend their masters better would be preferable. I feel that Master’s magic cannon is a good example of what I would like to see more of.

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