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    Where may the OOP "Appraisal List" mentioned in the Universals section under Mercantilism be found?


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      1) Untyped weapon damage, same typed weapon damage, or all weapon damage?

      If you have Magic Enchantment (+2 Magic Damage) and Radiant Arms (+1 Holy Damage) and a base of 1, what are you calling for damage?

      This question actually brought up a lot of discussion on our own rules and what we would allow and why we took so long to get back to you on answering these questions. I will get back to you o this one.

      2) What about coatings? Can you stack coatings?

      You can't stack typically stack more then one coating on a weapon. But there is a recipe that does something similar.

      3) It says Strikes cannot be used with other strikes or abilities that grant attack modifiers. Does this mean activated abilities or any abilities like enchantments or coatings that are already active? If you have a base of 1 and Magic Enchantment (+2 Magic Damage) Power Strike (+10 Damage) with a weapon that already had a coating of Alchemist Fire (+15 Fire to next hit) what is properly called?

      Coatings can always be added to any of your non-claw physical attacks because it adds damage and a tagline but doesn't effect the modifier. So in this case you would call "Strike 28 Fire Damage"

      4) What is the proper definition of an "Attack Modifier", is that calling a tagline for it like Innate or Fire, or is that adding damage to it, or is it both?

      An attack modifier is anything that modifies how the attack is received. This includes Innate, Pierce, Massive. Things like Fire and Holy are considered taglines and are "tagged" onto the end of the verbal.

      5) It says an IA used for universals can be used for multiple Universal Advantages at once, but only one item can be scrapped or created per IA. So generating resources like gathering materials and kopecs for profession are not considered item creation, correct? In one Universal IA I could: Gather 3 resources using a prospecting map, Research a thing, Make 5 kopecs for selling your body, and build a crossbow (Providing I had Tier I Gathering, Scholar, Profession: Hooker, and Tinkerer)?

      Your understanding of the Universal system is correct.

      6) Can materials gained in an IA be used in the subsequent or the same (Depending on the response to the previous question) IAs? Can I use metal I gathered in IA #1 to build armor in IA#2? Can I use bone gathered in IA #1 to build a dagger in IA #1?

      You can't use materials gained in one IA set to be used during that IA set. you receive everything all at once at the end. This is mainly to keep the work for logistics down.

      7) Can you have multiple Profession universals? Can I be Profession: Hooker and Profession: Dancer?

      lol, and yes if you wanted.

      8) How are duplicate spells handled in terms of spell knowledge. If you have all Tier I Necro spells, including Bestial Claws, and you start taking Nature Spells, do you need to purchase the Tier I Nature version of Bestial Claws to be able to move into Tier II Nature spells, or does the version of the same spell from another school count for having the spell?

      You are still required to purchase that spell slot. (at least for now)