Larpworks is a group of friends who formed a partnership to make Live Action Role-playing games focusing on player immersion and player interaction. Larpworks strives to create original interesting stories, engaging settings, and streamlined simplistic systems all within a fair and balanced environment for its players. Our goal is to provide the larping community with a repository of information and provide newcomers an easy introduction to the larping experience. More information on current larps presented by Larpworks can be found on this website. Check back often for updates. Thank you for visiting us! Check out our Obsidian Portal wiki too.

Larpworks was inspired by the idea of running a larp game originally based in New Zealand called Mordavia. We then realized we didn’t want to be restricted to just making one larp or even one kind larp. At that moment Larpworks was born. Since then we have reworked the Mordavia rule system several times in order to make a streamlined larp game system. This is only the first step in revolutionizing larping as we know it. Larpworks has a very active community on Facebook. Like us and send a message to join the official Mordavia Facebook group.